A new program for boomers, young retirees and active mature adults


RETIREES IN MOTION OTTAWA is a program offering services and activities to boomers, young retirees and active mature adults to allow them to enjoy and fulfilling retirement.

The 2018 Winter programming can be found on the left hand side menu under "Winter 2018 Program".

RETIREES IN MOTION is sponsored by the South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre and the Ottawa Eastern Resource Center

Retirees in Motion will go through a transitional process in the following months. This is why only certain activities will take place this winter.  We intend to come back with a full program with new activities next Spring.

In hope you will enjoy our Winter programming.

What  is Retirees in Motion?

Watch our video showing all aspects of its programming.


Become a member

There are activities in both Eastend and South Eastend Ottawa. Some particular activities are offered to both groups at the same time at a central location.

View our video to see how easy it is to become a member

It is also easy to register on-line for activities. Please, follow this link to view our video.







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